Hello everyone, SovietSoft is in touch. The end of 2021 is approaching and it’s time to take stock.

Let’s start the most important thing, on February 18 we finally released the release of our project “The Story of Dmitry”. After the release, we had plans to make voice acting for the game, but due to financial considerations, it was decided to abandon this idea. After that, we immediately started developing a new visual novel. For all six months, we have not written any mini reports about this game, since we mainly worked on the script.
Writing a script for a new game was a little more difficult than writing an Endless Summer game. Now at the moment the script for the demo version is ready, but all that remains is to prepare the resources for the game (music, art, backgrounds and sprites). This case can also drag on for a long time.
You will ask the question: “What will the script be about?” In short, the script will be connected with the music.

P.S.: Art from the anime “Sound! Euphonium ”

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